Family Dentistry

Having a family dentist makes caring for your loved ones’ oral health simple. At I Smile Dental Studio, we provide a full range of dental care for every member of your family, from the newest addition to great-grandparents.

Dr. Gao, Dr. Michaelson, Dr. Barzoi and Dr. Ouyang believe taking care of your oral health is crucial to maintaining your overall health and wellness. Regular checkups can help identify potential problems when they are minor and more easily treatable. Preventive care and routine dental cleanings can preserve a healthy, beautiful smile. If your children see us regularly for checkups, we will teach them good oral hygiene habits they retain for a lifetime.

Establishing a relationship with a family dentist benefits everyone. It creates a long-term relationship based on trust and understanding. A child who is comfortable seeing their dentist now will continue to see a dentist as an adult. Older members of your family are more likely to see us when they have a toothache or problems with their teeth if they already know us and feel comfortable discussing any issues. Familiarity with the doctors and staff at I Smile Dental Studio is the foundation for excellent dental care for every generation.

Family/Preventive Procedures Offered

Why Choose I Smile Dental Studio

Drs. Gao, Michaelson, Barzoi and Ouyang are uniquely qualified to provide care for every member of your family. Specializations at I Smile Dental Studio include children’s dentistry, orthodontics, and dental implants. Because we work closely together, we can provide essential, cosmetic, and restorative care from the first exam to the complete dental restoration in one office. Our patients are comfortable and confident, knowing we care for them at every stage of life. When prevention and proper oral hygiene are not enough, we can provide exceptional tooth replacement options, including dentures and dental implants. We are truly the only dental practice your family should ever need.

When you walk through our doors, you are welcomed by a family of dental care professionals who know you, know your dental health needs, and are happy you are here.

For more information about Family Dentistry or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gao, Dr. Michaelson, Dr. Barzoi or Dr. Ouyang, call our Hartford Office at Hartford Office Phone Number 860-247-1021 or our Enfield Office at Enfield Office Phone Number 860-749-0212.